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Flash project in the works: Life as Dinosaurs

2009-02-04 04:56:38 by MarchelloBB

Febuary 4th, 2009

Hey newgrounders! Andrew Onorato and I have began work on a flash project that will be entitled Life as Dinosaurs, a simplistic animation following the story of a purple Tyrannosaurus Rex, who will (hopefully) be voiced by Egoraptor. We have many other voice talents aboard, and I'll be sure to update once we have a full cast.

Currently, Andrew and I are hard at work on the storyboard as well as making some pre-concept images. Attached to this post is a water painting by Me and Andrew. It's a depiction of the main character, the purple Tyrannosaurus Rex!

What to expect:

Funny story
Great voice acting

What not to expect:

A sad dramatic story about a guy who broke up with his girlfriend

Keep updated :]

Flash project in the works: Life as Dinosaurs


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2009-02-05 21:23:45

Sounds cool. Good luck!


2009-03-18 14:26:59

You need a comment, faggot.

MarchelloBB responds:

Thanks, I love you too